Your body is not itself. Nor, I should add, is mine. It is under siege from the pharmaceutical, aerobic, dietetic, liposuctive, calorie-controlled, cybernetic world of postmodernism....The body is at once the final point of resistance to the global imperatives of postmodernism and the first to be affected by them.
—Nicholas Mirzoeff

The body is not only a physical structure. It is where our psychological and spiritual selves reside. Artists have explored the body since ancient times. Representational figurative work, however, is not enough to describe the complexities of the twenty-first century body. The Body Show presents contemporary artists who engage the body as both subject and object, pushing its boundaries, manipulating its appearance, and redefining its structures to understand our postmodern existences. Working in a variety of mediums—from sculpture to photography to digital media, drawing, and embroidery—they bring various perspectives to themes such as identity, mortality, and fragility to create a survey of the body as represented in art today.

Curated by Alex Ben-Abba, MFA Glass, 2011

and Beth Weaver, Graphic Design, 2012

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Catherine Siller, MFA Digital & Media 2012

Catherine Siller examines our relationship with the virtual and the real with Attenuated Processes, Vestigial Parts. Siller displays an object in action captured by a digital process and compares it to the physically present but inanimate object, questioning whether technology has redefined our experience of the "real".

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